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2012-08-22 12:48 am



Fic: Lord Charming
Author: [ profile] forthright
Prompt: CU. More than Sesshoumaru's pride took a blow when he lost his arm. He's in a delicate position... and desperate enough to seek the advice of a self-proclaimed expert. A clumsy romantic adventure told in 100-word snippets.

Yes, another drabble series by her. <3
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2012-08-12 11:09 am

0000022. [Woobie]

Fic: Woobie
Author: bluehwys
Prompt: I've seen a few 'Person A is a security blanket for Person B' prompts.
Now I want something where a character's security blanket is literally a blanket. A soft, snuggly, possibly pastel-colored blanket that nobody else fucks with in fear of having their throat ripped out.
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2012-08-12 11:07 am

0000021. [Pwning Friendship]

Fic: Pwning Friendship
Author: Anonymous @ avengerkink
Prompt: Based on this fanart, I'd love to see fic of the Avengers (and maybe Loki) playing video games. (Pairings not needed, but can be included. I'm partial to Natasha/Clint myself, but any is fine with moi.)
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2012-08-12 11:06 am

0000020. [Sanctuary]

Fic: Sanctuary
Author: drabbles_by_v

Prompt: This was written for the following kink!meme prompt: AU: Hotch/Reid
Worn out and from inner demons haunted!Hotch is looking for help and maybe absolution? He finds all that and more in priest!Reid, who is such a nice and understanding guy (well innocent, adorable and a little bit awkward too).
Hotch falls in love with him, tries to seduce him, but Reid is oblivious, so he has to use a little bit force to get what he wants. (No rape please, just a little bit of pushing Reid in the right direction.)
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2012-08-12 11:05 am

0000019. [Untitled]

Fic: [Fill] Steve/Thor, Thor still loves Tiny!Steve, Established Relationship, 1a/3
Author: anonymous @ avengerkink
Prompt: Steve somehow turns tiny again. Thor still loves and is attracted to him. Prompt inspired by this quote from hermione_vader's "Afterglow."
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2012-08-12 11:04 am

0000018. [Something Mighty and Sublime]

Fic: Something Mighty and Sublime
Author: knittyknicker @ avengerkink
Prompt: Because come on, let's be honest. There's absolutely no way these two could get it on without something like this happening in the bedroom. Here's a link for your viewing pleasure (don't worry, its clean ^.-): here (they're wrestling)
I still think this is one of the cutest/sexiest commercials I've ever seen and between these two it would just do all kinds of things to my flaily fangirl side =p
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2012-08-12 11:03 am

0000017. [Untitled]

Fic: Boisterous!Thor, Virgin!Steve - here.
Prompt: There really isn't enough Steve/Thor in the world. I would like something slightly silly where Thor is boisterous, but even though he's a bit shy Steve appreciates it.
Author: snack_size @ avengerkink
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2012-08-12 11:02 am

0000016. [Fire and Ice]

Fic: Fire and Ice
Summary: Kouga/Kagome. Kagome runs into the night after witnessing Inuyasha's betrayal, only to be found by Kouga. Her vulnerability and his passion begin to open up once forbidden roads to their budding relationship... Lemon
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2012-08-12 10:49 am

0000015. [The Tease]

Fic: The Tease
Summary: [Twoshot] She has him pinned against a wall and he can't get away. [Shikamaru x Temari]
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2012-08-12 10:48 am

0000014. [Agar Saer]

Fic: Agar Saer
Summary: Victimized by his estranged and abusive uncle, Legolas doesn't know where to turn for help. With his father's kingdom falling into darkness, he finds comforting support in a young Lothlórien officer who may be the only one to aid the Greenwood.
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2012-08-12 10:42 am

0000013. [Don't Call Me Dulcinea]

Fic: Don't Call Me Dulcinea - Thor/Loki; Body Hatred, (pseudo)incest
Prompt:  Crossposted from norsekink to avengerkink
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2012-08-12 10:41 am

0000012. [Uncle Dave Babysits]

Fic: Uncle Dave Babysits
Prompt: Rossi babysitting Jack @ cmpromptmeme.

This was just too damn cute. Morgan kicks down doors and Spencer talks at them.
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2012-08-12 10:40 am

0000011. [Always Believed in You]

Fic: Always Believed in You
Author: angstytimelord

Reid and Ethan together are my guilty pleasures. You don't understand how much I absolutely love them in a romantic relationship. I adore Reid with everyone, but there is just something bittersweet about their past. So much play room. This is definitely a fic that you want to read. Even if you're not a fan of the pairing.
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2012-08-12 10:39 am

0000010. [You Could Be Happy]

Fic: You Could Be Happy; Tony/Bruce + Baby @ avengerkink
Prompt: I desire babyfic! So that bit in the film where Bruce sort of rocks the baby cradle and says something to the effect of 'I don't always get what I want' just broke my heart. So! Bruce wants to be a daddy! Make it work!
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2012-08-12 10:38 am

0000009. [Thor Should Never Be Allowed Internet Access]

Fic: Thor Should Never Be Allowed Internet Access
Prompt: Tony/Steve + Thor; Written for this prompt over at avengerkink. Steve/Tony, Thor complains about the overly loud copulation of his shield brothers. A Thor without sleep is not a happy Thor.
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2012-08-12 10:37 am

0000008. [Uninhibited and Untitled]

Fic 1: Unihibited
Fic 2: Truth Serum Plot [may be spoilers]

Prompt: Tony gets dosed with Truth Serum or what have you. So he can't lie. The others think this is going to be fun, and that they have to make sure he doesn't see the public, basic precautions. Oh, and that Tony's ego will be the same if not larger. However, when Tony speaks the truth, it turns out he's really affectionate [lying=denial and he denies a whole lot of things- including physical affection] towards everyone on the team, in his own way. They find out after finding Tony curled up on the Sofa, not doing anything until he sees one of them and latches onto them for cuddles. Then proceeds to cuddle every one of them and whine if they pull away.
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2012-08-12 10:36 am

0000007. [You've Got A Friend In Me]

Fic: You've Got A Friend In Me; fill at avengerkink p3.
Prompt: Bruce/Tony-Unknown Internet Pals; Picturing a fic where sometime in the past (long before Iron Man and the Hulk came along) Bruce and Tony were anonymous internet pals on some kind of chatroom, exchanging brilliant sciency stuff, inspiring each other, becoming best friends, all without realizing who the other really was. They poured their hearts out to each other, telling their darkest secrets, and falling a bit in love. And they one day, one of them stopped answering.

Years later, Tony and Bruce meet in real life, and hit it off instantly. Somehow, eventually, they discover who they really are to each other. Bonus points if they knew each other by on-screen names, and that's somehow how they discover each others identity. Extra bonus points if they'd resumed chatting, and were talking to each other about the other(no names of course, because the avengers is top secret) without realizing it)
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2012-08-12 10:35 am

0000006. [The Small Things]

Fic: The Small Things; filled on avengerkink

Prompt: Five things Tony didn’t know about Bruce and one thing he already did.
You can do whatever you want with this, really, but +1000000000 and you won entire internet and a lifetime supply of cookies if in one of the things Tony didn't know you can put something like that everyone thinks that, when Bruce is himself and not the Hulk, he can't protect himself, but the truth is that Bruce is incredible at using a gun/can knock down someone even if he doesn't have a physique like Steve or Thor.

this is sheer perfection. that's all i can say. expect more fills.
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2012-08-12 10:34 am

0000005. [The Dance]

Fic: The Dance
Summary: Can you fall in love after one dance? Sakura's about to find out.

Yes, another Sakura/older guy fic, this time Kakashi. J11 does such a good job writing both characters that I am always just amazed. The story is rated M, but she makes it bearable (and enjoyable) to read for someone as green behind the ears as I am to read.
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2012-08-12 10:32 am

0000004. [Attack]

Fic: Attack
Summary: Here's a tip, mate: "Don't underestimate me." Steve-centric.

I love Steve Fox from Tekken, if you didn't know. This fic just strikes up the carnal, delicious pleasure that you get from beating up an opponent. He's awesome and just yummy yummy yummy. Thank you SeungSeiRan for writing it. It hits the spot every.single.time. And the summary was just right.