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May. 10th, 2012 04:32 pm
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Fic: You've Got A Friend In Me; fill at [ profile] avengerkink p3.
Prompt: Bruce/Tony-Unknown Internet Pals; Picturing a fic where sometime in the past (long before Iron Man and the Hulk came along) Bruce and Tony were anonymous internet pals on some kind of chatroom, exchanging brilliant sciency stuff, inspiring each other, becoming best friends, all without realizing who the other really was. They poured their hearts out to each other, telling their darkest secrets, and falling a bit in love. And they one day, one of them stopped answering.

Years later, Tony and Bruce meet in real life, and hit it off instantly. Somehow, eventually, they discover who they really are to each other. Bonus points if they knew each other by on-screen names, and that's somehow how they discover each others identity. Extra bonus points if they'd resumed chatting, and were talking to each other about the other(no names of course, because the avengers is top secret) without realizing it)


May. 10th, 2012 04:47 pm
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Fic 1: Unihibited
Fic 2: Truth Serum Plot [may be spoilers]

Prompt: Tony gets dosed with Truth Serum or what have you. So he can't lie. The others think this is going to be fun, and that they have to make sure he doesn't see the public, basic precautions. Oh, and that Tony's ego will be the same if not larger. However, when Tony speaks the truth, it turns out he's really affectionate [lying=denial and he denies a whole lot of things- including physical affection] towards everyone on the team, in his own way. They find out after finding Tony curled up on the Sofa, not doing anything until he sees one of them and latches onto them for cuddles. Then proceeds to cuddle every one of them and whine if they pull away.

After getting over it enough to ask him about it, he starts talking about how much he really likes all of them and how he wishes he could be like them because he knows he's not a hero and how he thinks that Howard would have loved him more if he'd acted more like one of them instead of being the screw-up he views himself as. Tony talks as if he thinks this to be a dream, and that he'll wake up and no one will remember but he still needs to tell them this somehow. Until they shut him up he blathers in various languages about how awesome/perfect/smart/pretty they all are and why did they ever need him anyway?

The Avengers are properly horrified that Tony truly believed so much of what he spewed against his reputation. Surely Howard couldn't have made the billionaire-playboy-genius-philanthropist they all knew and loved into this self-hating ball of cuddling? It's just not right. So they decide to convince him otherwise after the truth serum wears off- some with sex, others with small touches, others with encouraging words, and others by ignoring him after he says something self depreciating. Tony thinks it was all a dream- and therefore is very confused when suddenly everyone is trying to lift him from the rock bottom he'd hit.

+1 Bonus points if who he latched onto first is Natasha!
+10 Bonus points if Peter/Coulson/Deadpool is mentioned/gets involved/drops by.
+100 Bonus points if Thor shares his poptarts with Tony~
Polyamory is highly encouraged!

Two for one special here, both are updated regularly. This angry, self-loathing, gives me the FEEEELS.


May. 10th, 2012 04:58 pm
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Fic: Thor Should Never Be Allowed Internet Access
Prompt: Tony/Steve + Thor; Written for this prompt over at [ profile] avengerkink. Steve/Tony, Thor complains about the overly loud copulation of his shield brothers. A Thor without sleep is not a happy Thor.

Need a reason?
  1. “Don't be bashful, good friend. The walls of our domicile aren't made of hardy Asgardian stone and steel: your nocturnal activities were quite evident to me last night!”
  2. Thor continued, unfazed. “When the two of you copulate, could you keep control of Steve's exclamations of orgasmic bliss? He tends to be rather vocal, and of course even warrior gods need their rest.”
  3. “Brothers! I understand you are copulating!” Tony rolled his eyes, flopping back down onto his many pillows. “'Copulated', Thor. Past tense. We're done.” Thor narrowed his eyes at Steve and Tony, before pointing Mjölner – holy shit, he brought Mjölner in with him?! – at the two men.
'nuff said.

Edit: scrolled through the comments and saw [ profile] scintillulae; oh hay thar!


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